What Is A Virtual Race?

Maybe you've seen some ads or heard a friend talk about it. Maybe you want to keep racking up those medals even during a pandemic. Virtual Races are the way!

running on bridge

So What Is It?

Virtual Races Let You Run Anytime, Anywhere!

A virtual race is a race that you can run at your leisure. Typically a virtual race takes place during a set period of time, usually around a month. After you sign up for the race, you can run it anytime in the set period!

Whats The Difference?

So Why Pay For A Virtual Race?

For the same reasons you would sign up for a 5k or a marathon! We send you a shirt, a medal and you can record your time and see how you stack up next to others!

Maybe you've always wanted to do a run at a trail near your house, but wanted to record your time to compare with friends or family, now you can do both!

santa run

Have A Good Time!

Run With Friends and Family

Several of our virtual races are designed to be run in small groups with friends and family. We love to see pictures on social media of groups who run the Santa race all dressed up, or our May the 4th race with awesome gear!

So connect with us on social media and show everyone how fast you ran and how awesome you look!

Sign up for your first virtual race today!